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Meet the Characters of THE BLOOD ROSE

The Characters of THE BLOOD ROSE

DOMINIQUE ETIENNE LEROY:  A day walking vampire, a former slave, now Voodoo Priestess and Vampire Queen of New Orleans. She kills the old queen, gaining her power of mind control and glamour. She was born Lissette Etienne LeRoy, changing it to Dominique in honor of her father, Dominic LeRoy after he died. In addition to being a vampire, she is a psychic telepath with telekinetic abilities. She is biracial, French and Haitian, looks about twenty-five, her skin tone color being 'cafe au lait', with almond shaped eyes that are green, full lips, jet black curly hair that hangs almost to her waist. Eyes are usually a hazel green, turning darker when her fangs appear. Small waist, wide hips, thick legs with slightly slender ankles, full, but not buxom breasts. She looks more human than vampire. She can be cold and illusive when she needs to, using feminine wiles as well as her powers in given situations. She is loyal and commpassionate to those she loves. A mix of dangerous and sexy with a hint of softness.

HENRI TOUSSAINT:  Dominique's late husband/master. A French vampire that Dominique is sold to as a young girl. He is six foot three, boyishly handsome with soft features, pale skintone, lean and muscular, with golden blonde hair that hangs to his shoulders. His eyes are an icy blue color like a Siberian husky. His slaves are not property to him, but servants. He treats them well and fairly, never beating them or selling off their family members. He uses the young girls between the ages of fourteen and twenty as blood donors only, not sexually, he just prefers virgin blood. He falls in love with Dominique but their relationship stays platonic until he turns her by accident when she was twenty-five, on the night of a blue moon as she was trying to save him. Though interracial marriage was not legal in the states, he marries Dominique in France and remained her husband for over a century as they traveled throughout Europe and Asia.

ASMODEUS:  Henri's best friend and Dominique's silent partner in The Blood Rose nightclub. A three hundred yr old aristocratic French vampire with the powers of seduction and lust. His look is vintage Goth, preferring velvet, lace and high heeled boots. He looks to be in his forties. Handsome with pale skin, steel blue eyes that turn the color of sapphires when he's aroused and a blue flame when he is angry or about to attack. His hair is almost blue/black it’s so dark, curly like Dominique's, falling to his shoulders. His build is naturally slender, not too muscular, though he is very strong. His lips are thin with the bottom one being slightly thicker. His arrogant, obnoxious, smile can seduce women and men into being his willing prey. Only Dominique is immune to this gaze. He can cloak himself so that he is invisible and able to levitate, almost flying with great speed and strength. He lived and traveled with Dominique and Henri when Henri was alive until a fallout with Henri separated them later. Drinking Dominique's blood gives him more power than he imagines and he will stop at nothing to make her his.

JASON LEBLANC:  Dominique's Cajun animal guardian and one of her lovers. He works as a bartender at The Blood Rose, creating a specialty drink for the human patrons. The Blood Rose Cocktail, as he calls it, five parts tomato juice, one part lime juice, a splash of Bacardi Limon rum, a dash of celery salt, and four parts Bombay Blue Sapphire Gin served with a celery stick. Jason is a wereleopard or rather because of his dark coat when in cat form, a panther. He has yellow-green eyes that look greener during the day. The irises in his eyes turn to slits when he shifts or is truly sexually aroused. Charming and knows it, but not a player, his heart belongs to Dominique. He’s of average height for a male standing at five foot eleven inches, with the body of a swimmer, slender and muscular. He’s also tanned, staying that way from lying out in the sun during the summer and running shirtless in the fall and winter. His hair is strawberry blond with natural highlights and very curly, which he hates, so he tries to keep it cut short but you can still see the wavy patterns. Through him, Dominique learns why she is so different from the other vampires. Jason gives Dominique his beast, making her his mate and giving her power over the wereleopards, becoming their protector. He doesn't trust Asmodeus but doesn't mind sharing Dominique with Azazel.

AZAZEL/RICHARD MONTAGUE:  A half human wizard that Dominique meets online. He is French and Hispanic, thirty-six years old, bald with dark brown eyes, standing at six foot one with a black moustache and a beard he keeps neatly trimmed into a goatee on his chiseled face. He’s masculine, with a thickly muscular body, and a commanding presence. Very strong for a human, even with wizard powers. Richard is bold, always speaking his mind. He can speak both French and Spanish. An accountant who loves baseball, he graduated at the top of his class at the Waleak School of Wizardry. His power has increased to the point that he can wrap it around himself as a shield that sends a shock of electricity to anyone who dares to breach it. His psychic ability is something he and Dominique have in common. To the magical community, he is a powerful pyrokenetic wizard. Azazel is the name given to him by the wizard council when he graduated from wizard school. The only thing he truly fears is being stripped of his powers by the wizard council for some infraction, which he has been threatened with for killing one too many vampires. He is currently on probation for this. He usually provokes a vampire to fight, then he kills them and claims self defense. He is torn by his love for Dominique and his hatred for vampires.  He doesn't want to become a vampire, but knows he will have to make a choice if he wants to stay with her.

AANAR:  The Asian Vampire Queen of New York City and Dominique's best friend, and female lover. She is multiracial, Chinese/Malaysian and British. She speaks with a British accent and can speak Malay and Mandarin Chinese as well. She designed vampire dating website using a code which only vampires can read to keep out the human wannabes. She also owns several companies and abroad. She rules all of New York City, but stays on the Upper East Side. She has vampire generals governing the various parts like Queens, Harlem, etc. She is a lesbian and her vampire lover is Lisa, an Irish redhead she turned two years ago. She is a seductive sadist to men and women, but prefers to torture men. However, she can be a masochist, but only with Dominique. Short and petite, tiny waist, slender frame, porcelain skin, slightly slanted grey-blue eyes. Small breasts, slender legs, small heart shaped lips. Long, straight, jet black hair to her waist, which she usually wears in a high ponytail. Her style is a blend of vintage Goth and fetish wear of latex, vinyl or leather. Preferring black and purple, she wears high heeled boots. She comes to New Orleans to help Dominique when she becomes a vampire queen. She travels with and is protected by two werewolf bodyguards, Antonio and Joseph.

MALAKAR:  Dominique's Vampire General and head bouncer at The Blood Rose club. A very dark skinned vampire; bald, with no facial hair and his eyes are so dark brown they look black as night. His thick neck gives way to broad shoulders and thick muscular arms. His torso is rippled with muscles that look like steel, his waist slender, and his thigh and calf muscles bulge through his pants. He works out six nights a week in the early evenings training his vampire warriors in Aikido, a form of Japanese martial arts, then spends the rest of the night working at The Blood Rose. Though he’s large, he moves with the grace of a gazelle and with the speed of a cheetah, pinning his prey in seconds. He is of the Gazini bloodline of vampires. He intimidates everyone but Dominique and treats her like his little sister. He watches over her and aided her in defeating the former vampire queen. He believes in Dominique and will protect her at all costs.

KAIYANA:  The lesbian vampire queen of Mississippi.  A smart brown skinned beauty standing at only five foot two, with thick legs, chiseled abs, and smoldering amber colored eyes.  She is very sexy with her straight black hair that she wears in an asymmetrical cut that hangs over her right eye and exposes her slender neck in the back. She carries a large whip on her hip.  Her bite is intoxicating and addicting to her victims. They don’t resist long if they resist at all initially. All of her victims, once bitten, float in a sea of warmth, and if they survive, their pleasure soon turns to madness. She wants to make Dominique her mate and joins the rank of Dominique's vampire allies.

Available as a paperback, hardcover and e-book and soon to Amazon Kindle.
The second book in the Blood Rose Series is coming soon!  So stay tuned to learn more of the vampire Dominique and her circle of friends and lovers!

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My newest E-book release, RIONA'S LUCK, is now available!

Riona Watkins, a sociologist from New York, always had bad luck with love. When her work takes her to Ireland, the birthplace of her mother, she thinks her luck might finally change. But the bad luck continues when she meets Emrys Kane, a mysterious man with piercing green eyes who comes to her rescue when she is harassed by a male colleague in a local pub. He tells her the meaning of her Celtic name and seems to be very interested in her, but disappears before she can really get to know him! Will she find him again before she leaves Ireland or will her bad luck continue?


The Midsummer festival was among the three largest that the Daione Sidhe celebrated. There would be bonfires on every hill, feasting and dancing in honor of St. John, (John the Baptist). A great time for the young males to choose their brides. Throughout history, many chose beautiful mortals, stealing them away, though it had not been so for over a hundred years. Emrys knew his bride would be mortal and she would possess dark eyes and dark hair. Other than that, he didn’t know what exactly she would look like.

“I’m going into the city of Dublin tonight father, a change of pace is in order I think,” he chuckled. Alphonsus grimaced a bit, “Among the mortals? Whatever will ya find there? Nothing but trouble, I tell ya!” He hoped his son would chose among the females in their clan. Perhaps even Bevis, a lovely fae with long golden hair and large eyes, blue as sapphires, she’d grown up with Emrys and the two had once been inseparable. Mortals were bothersome, most of the old ones believed and still honored the fae, but the young ones showed no interest or respect toward their kind.

“Oh let him go husband,” his mother, Avaline, chided, knowing of her son’s true intentions. She too, had seen a vision of her future daughter-in-law. As usual, when his mother interjected, his father conceded. He was a softie at heart when it came to Avaline, his lovely wife, with fiery red hair that matched her temperament. 
“Very well then, go with my blessing, but be careful!” His father warned. Emrys smiled at his father with a nod to his mother. Their home was high in the hills, but it would take him no time to reach the city of Dublin.


Riona nursed her pint of Guinness as she finished off the last of her shrimp when she felt a cool wind at her back. She slowly turned around to see where it was coming from. Maybe the door of the pub’s entrance had been opened. But when she looked at the door, it was closed and no one stood at the entrance.

“What’s wrong darlin?” Jackson asked, noting her turn to the door. Riona rolled her eyes again, “first off, I’m not your darlin, ok? Secondly, I just felt a draft, I thought maybe it was from the door.”
“Well e-x-c-u-s-e me, didn’t mean to offend. What? You think there might be a ghost or maybe a little leprechaun lurkin’ about the place?” Jackson teased.
“Shove it Jackson!” She’d had enough of his school boy teasing.
“Well now, that’s the most tempting offer I’ve had all night darlin!” He laughed.
“Jackson, you son of a…” she began, glaring at him.

“Is this person bothering you milady?” A smooth voice said from behind her as she felt once more the cool wind. She turned slowly to see the most beautiful green eyes she’d ever seen gazing quizzically at her. They seemed to pierce right through her. She took a moment to gather her thoughts as she swallowed hard. “Ah…, no, it’s nothing I can’t handle,” she finally managed.
“Aye, by the looks of him, I tend to agree with ya,” he laughed softly.
“Look here, you mind your own business, she’s with me, ok?” Jackson warned.
“And are yer with him, miss…?” he replied, ignoring Jackson, his eyes still focused on Riona.
“Watkins, Riona Watkins. He’s my colleague, nothing more,” she smiled, beginning to blushing under his steady gaze. Riona looked him over; he was gorgeous with his lightly freckled face and his lean build. Wearing a slightly worn green t-shirt and dark blue jeans with a thick, heavily studded black belt, he was a fine figure of a man. But his eyes are what drew her in most. Riona felt they were the most unusual shade of green.

“Riona, what a beautiful name milady. It means royal. I am Emrys, Emrys Kane. Pleased to meet yer acquaintance, milady,” he took her right hand and kissed it, causing Riona to blush. She liked the sound of that as she hadn’t known the meaning of her name; she never bothered to ask her parents either.

Jackson became furious. There was no way this Irishman was going to get into her pants. Not after he’d been trying to get her drunk so he could do just that!
“Like I said, the lady is with me, so back off!” Jackson warned, stepping in front of Riona.
In a flash, Emrys twisted Jackson’s right arm behind his back. Jackson had no time to move.
“I beg to differ, seems the lady speaks the truth, ya best quiet down before I really get rough, aye?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say man,” Jackson winced, the pain in his arm throbbing so much, he thought for sure it was broken, his pride and ego bruised. As Emrys released him, the pain in his arm quickly subsided. He sat back on the bar stool embarrassed and angry. He looked around to see if anyone was staring, but to his surprise, it was if nothing had happened. Everyone seemed to be involved their own conversations.

Riona just stood in amazement; it was like time stood still. When Emrys extended his hand, asking her to join him at his table, she nodded yes, curious about this man, grateful he’d done what she wanted to do to the annoying Jackson.
“I’ll just be…here…at the bar, when you’re ready to go back to the hotel,” Jackson called behind them. Riona turned briefly to him and nodded before walking away with Emrys.

Once seated at his table in the dimly lit corner, Emrys smiled warmly at Riona. “I do apologize milady; I’m really not a brute.” Riona laughed as she began to relax a bit. “It’s ok, he was workin my last nerves anyway and besides, I think you only hurt his pride.”
“He did not have the best intention; he was planning to take yer virtue, milady,” Emrys beamed and his eyes seemed to glow. Riona laughed again, she loved his accent and being called “milady”, it made her feel as regal as her name meant. He didn’t have to worry about her “virtue”; she’d lost that during her freshman year at NYU.
“I’m not a virgin, but I had no intention of “giving it up” to him tonight or any night,” she laughed. Her laughter warmed Emrys and stirred something deep inside him. He knew instinctively this was his bride. He wanted to steal her away right this instant but decided against it. She must come to him willingly. He would never force her affections.

“Yer American are ya?” He gave her a genuine smile. He found her to be amusing, beautiful, and very charming.
“Yes, but my mother was born here in Ireland. Kinvara, I think, in…”
“A village in Galway Bay, aye, I know of it. That is very interesting.” He excitedly interjected, but stopped when he noticed the look on her face change and he quickly apologized for cutting her off. He was just glad to know that she was at least part Irish.

“It’s alright, just don’t do that again, I hate being interrupted,” she said, half serious. Just because he was handsome, it didn’t mean she was going to let him completely charm her into anything.
“Duly noted milady,” he nodded. She seemed to possess the feistiness of his mother, a fact that endeared her to him even more. They continued conversing with Riona telling him about her job in New York, her family and why she was here in Ireland. In fact, he let her do most of the talking as he listened intently hanging on her every word, but soon she began to yawn.

“Oh goodness, I’m sorry, but I’m a bit jetlagged, I just flew in late this afternoon. I have a long day tomorrow, so I’m gonna head back to the hotel.”
“May I accompany ya? I will leave straightaway once yer safely inside.” He hated for their time to end, but he planned on staying close. Riona thought for a moment, “No, I need to go back with Jackson, he did escort me and we are at the same hotel, the O’Callaghan. I enjoyed meeting you Emrys and I hope to see you again.”
“Aye milady, that you will,” he smiled eagerly, not bothering to ask which O’Callaghan hotel as there were three of them in town, the closest being the Alexander. He stood up when she did, taking her hand and kissing it once more before he watched her walk back to Jackson. When she turned around to see him once more, he was gone.

Just as well, she thought to herself. Maybe she should have let him walk her back. She had been vague about where she was staying, but she had a feeling even in this large city, he would undoubtedly find her. There was something very mysterious and scary about Emrys, but she wanted to see him again anyway. She wouldn’t make it too easy though, after all, her home was in New York and she had no intention of having a long distance relationship. She shrugged and guided Jackson out of the pub. They walked quietly back to the hotel and Riona was grateful for the silence.

The days passed quickly as she and the team made their way about Dublin concentrating on Parnell and O’Connell streets. Parnell being a working class area where an influx of new cultures emerged. There were several African owned shops and she interviewed many who told her of the racial tensions there, beginning in the early 1990’s. Many of the native Irish resented the migration of other cultures who now claimed Irish citizenship. Many stores were vandalized, but still, the shops remained. Suspicion, fear, jealousy and ignorance prevailed as the area transformed in a multicultural space. Although there were other areas of multicultural influence, Parnell Street has by far the largest African population in Dublin.

Riona visited Conway’s daily in hopes of seeing Emrys again, but she didn’t see him there. After a week passed with no sight of him, she decided to stop looking altogether. She kicked herself for playing too hard to get. Even if it would have just been a fling she had while in Ireland, it was more than she had at home. But what did she do? Drive the poor man away. She had always been unlucky where men were concerned. He wasn’t the first man to show interest, but he was the first to actually hold her attention for longer than five minutes. Emrys struck something deep inside her and she couldn’t shake it or her thoughts of him. She dreamed of him, his voice; his eyes. Every part of her longed to know more.

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The Blood Rose Book Trailer

My new promo video for my novel, THE BLOOD ROSE.

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